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We´re more than an ordinary
children´s gym!

Youngsters, Inc. is a children´s gymnastics center that bridges the gap between competitive gymnastics facilities and children´s fitness centers. Founded by Olympic silver medalist Guard Young, Youngsters, Inc. equally emphasizes quality instruction and fun in a kid-friendly environment.

At Youngsters, Inc., we believe all children should have an opportunity to be active and physically fit. Gymnastics not only provides an arena to strengthen young bodies, but it also helps strengthen their minds. Discipline, self-confidence, and motor skill development are just a few of the ways that gymnastics develops a well-rounded individual. When you enroll your child at Youngsters, Inc., not only are you getting the best quality instruction, you are investing in your child's future.

A message from Guard:

I have been blessed with a great career in gymnastics, from USA Nationals Championships to winning a Silver Medal at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece. It is my turn to give back, and I have made it a personal goal to use my Olympic experience to reach out to our children.

I founded Youngsters, Inc. with the belief that every child deserves a chance. We hope to see you soon!

Guard Young

Our Mission:

Provide children quality gymnastic and tumbling instruction in a fun and supportive environment while promoting physical development and self confidence.

Our Philosophy:

We´ve made Youngsters, Inc. a place where kids enjoy coming to class and being active, regardless of their age or skill level. We teach that something worth doing is worth doing right, so our unique programs stress core strength, flexibility and proper technique to add to your child´s enjoyment and help to prevent injury.

We teach at the individuals' pace, one skill at a time, to build self-confidence and a sense of mastery. "True Technique" isn´t just a slogan– it´s our promise to provide a more valuable experience for your child than you´ll find at an ordinary gym.